Vinyl Straps

Vinyl strapped chairs, footstools and chaises are easy to maintain, weather proof and easy to repair. The aftermarket vinyl we use in our re-strapping is thicker than standard manufacturer vinyl - meaning it will look better and last longer. There are over 50 colors to choose from and multiple widths.

Vinyl Strap Replacement

Strap chairs with rivets
Up to 36″ long $12.00 per strap
36″ to 48″ long $13.00 per strap
Over 48″ long $14.00 per strap
Arrowhead strap chairs Add $2.00 more per strap
Grooved metal clip chairs Add $4.00 more per strap
Loose metal clip chairs Add $2.00 more per strap

Drop-in seats for wicker/outdoor pieces

Drop-in Seats
To remove old elastic webbing and staples, drill and rivet new exterior grade vinyl.
Single Chair Frame $150.00 Each
Double/Loveseat Frame $300.00 Each
Sofa/3-Piece Frame $450.00 Each

Vinyl lacing – Tami Ami or Lido

Vinyl Lace – Square or Diamond – 5/8″ wide
Lace Chair $250.00 each
Lace Loveseat $500.00 each
Lace Chaise $600.00 each
Lace Ottoman $150.00 each
Lace High Back Rocker $500.00 each
Lace Two Seat Swing $450.00 each
For 1″ wide vinyl lace – add $50.00 per item